Saturday, April 20, 2013

I did not realize how long it has been since the last time I was here. Two years have come and gone. However, during the detour, I remained on my creative journey. My craft room has grown and I have taken interest in other projects which I hope to incorporate back into my doll making.

I've dabbled in polymer clay, leather work, knitting, crochet, painting, jewelry making, paper crafting with my cricut and big shot, sewng and my favorite pass time cooking, baking and eating. The thing that keeps the engine going. Oh and of coarse, I am not rich and do have to work for a living.

Over the holidays, I found that being creative with simple things like cookies can bring a big smile onto anyones face. Decorating cookies is fun but most important, they have to taste good. I still owe a few folks some home made cookies. which I have to bake and mail before the weather gets hot.

I now know a little bit more about a few extra things I can add to my dolls. Each is an experiment in what works and what doesn't. I want each one to be a multimedia mix of techniques and textures that make you want to see and touch each part. I want each doll to have it's own individual characteristics that create a tale told by the imagination.

Anyone can put parts together and call it a doll but when you've placed every stitch and refined every feature you want it to have, you will realize a piece of art that only you could have created.  Remember that your art is an extension of you and nobody is perfect. This trait in your art only adds character.Enjoy your journey.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My first entry

This blogging thing is as new to me as creating a doll. However, I feel that as I make progress in creating, my blogging skills will improve also.  I work on my dolls sporatically when I get an idea for a design or to try a new technique. Sometimes I wake up from sleep with an idea on how to finish something I was stuck on  or just to make more progress on a project.

 Other times I spend time searching the many doll sites online for inspiration or perusing the pictures in my small but growing collection of cloth doll books. When I got the idea to try making cloth dolls, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into. Or how many people are already well into their creative journey.

I have picked up many great pointers from books by Culea, Horrox and Slater. The pictures in these books are fantastic and I could spend hours just looking through them. I actually already have. More intriguing is what each author had to say about their creations and how they seem to just take a life of their own.

I could be modest and say that I don't think I will ever make a doll as life like or as intriquing as these artist. However, I think with time I will be able to come close. Most likely a lot of time but I am sure I will have fun trying. In one of my books I read to just start creating with what ever supplies I had on hand.

So far I have a few projects going all in different stages. One nearing completion. I should be able to gage my progress through each doll I complete. Right now I am doing faces. I am practicing needle sculpting and felting. I need a lot of practice with both but find felting easier and quicker to produce results.

I plan on my dolls being a total mixed bag of techniques.  One thing I am sure of is that no doll will be alike. Above is a picture of three of my projects. I'm sure they will look completely different after I work on them some more.  I have another totally sewn cloth doll not pictured here. That one is going to take more skill then I have right now to complete.  Later I will list some of the doll sites I frequent here.